Acting is so deep and interesting.  I worked on my sense memory in the class. It was so emotional and great work out.  I learned so much. 演技のクラスで、感情的なセンスメモリーの練習をした。多くの事を学び、とてもいい練習になった。センスを磨くことの大切さを再確認。やはり、演技は深い、そして、とても興味深い。

編集 / Editing

I edited my demo reel with my friend today to make it short.  It was 4 min 55 sec and made it 3 min 51 sec and It is still too long.  2 min 30 sec is ideal.  Maybe, I need to separate my scenes in the future. Thanks to my friend and I have…


I had a great day.  There is bad time and good time in life, important thing is to keep moving forward no matter what.

Crime Lords of Tokyo

Yukuza (Japanese Mafia) documentary. It will air on 10/14, 9pm at National Geographic 




I went to an audition for TV show.  It was one line.  I did my best. Do my best for every audition that is my way. オーディションに行ってきた。一行のオーディションだった。自分のベストを尽くした。どんなオーディションにでも、ベストを尽くす、それが大切、そして、それが私流。