Filming / 撮影

Today, I finished filming a short film.  I met and worked with new people through this project and it was a good day! Let’s see how the picture will come out. Thank you everyone! 今日、ショートフィルムの撮影が終わった。昨日の反省を生かし、撮影に望んだ。いい具合で力が抜けて、演技が出来たと思うが、映像を見るまでは…?  このプロジェクトを通し新しい人、なつかしい人との出会いが嬉しかった。ありがとう!


Acting is so unique and interesting.…well, I am learning.    刀を振るシーンで、力が入りすぎた….よく見せようとした自分のエゴだな反省。明日は、その反省をいかして撮影に望もう。いろんな状況がる、そして、どんな状況でも、その中での自分のベストの道をさがし、しっかりとした仕事をする状況判断の能力。大切だな。

Shooting / 撮影

Studying my scene for tomorrow’s shoot. Oh….my eyes are closeing…..Coffee..? No, no, no..let’s work on a little more. 明日の撮影シーンの勉強中です。ヤバい、眠い……。でも、もう少し頑張ろう。

Voice Over / Callback, it was a good day!

Today was a good day. I finished voice over job for a future film, and I also had callback for TV show.  The scene was intense and I did my job…this audition was really interesting, because casting side made a pair with another actor for the scene.  I never had an audition like this at…


Working, working for tomorrow!  Let’s do it!  I am encouraging myself!! 頑張るぞ!

Callback / プロデューサーセッション

I got callback for TV Drama! Thank you to my manage! This is good thing…..let’s think….many things to work on….. テレビドラマのコールバック(プロデューサーセッション)の知らせ。よし!頑張るぞっと!

Acting Class

I had a scene study class tonight.  It is very nice to be able take risk and try different things on the stage.  Watching and observing the other actors’ performance is also great study as well, So I can learn more! ….having a feeling of fulfillment. Thank you! 今日、演技のクラスがあった。練習では、失敗を恐れずいろいろな事をステージで試せる。リスクをおう練習は、とても大切な事だと思うな。学ぶ事は、気持ちがいい。感謝!

Booked a Job!

Booked a voice over job for a feature film.  This is a good news at the end of January.  I will do my best for this job!  I have a deep appreciation from my heart…Thank you! 一月の最後に来て、あるハリウッド映画の声の仕事をゲット!感謝の気持ちと共に、気合を入れて頑張るぞ!と。

Acting Class

Taking a class today!  I will keep going! Think, move, and speak!! Acting is so fun!