I had my first job of 2012 for a Print AD.  I was walking down the street with great crew in Santa Monica and the Photographer was taking great photos!  Ocean breeze, Blue sky…..great feeling! 2012年、初仕事!サンタモニカビーチでの撮影、海の風に青い空、あ〜とてもいい気分だったな〜。ヒゲも奇麗さっぱりに、シャキーン!心から感謝。又、明日から心を引き締めていこう! A photographer Alex and he is really great!


I had an audition for a TV Drama. It was a great role and open for any ethnicity.  I would love to get this type of role.  I was so happy to have this type of audition.  Thank you! 久々のテレビドラマのオーディション。とてもエキサイティングなひと時だった。反省点があれこれと頭の中をよぎる…オーディションにいけた事に感謝しよう、そして次に進もう。

Super Busy, but I feel Great!

Today was supper busy! Many things are happenning…… it is great! Oh, I loved the class tonight. Study, study, and study, and I am still working on my size for the audition….it will take some time….  I am taking a break now.

Acting Class

Improv class! Today’s note is direction, instinct, and truth.  Catch those moment and stay focus on relationships and details in the scene. Sometimes it is hard and painful when my scene did not work out, but I will keep on challenging with joy.  Face it! 何事も練習あるのみですね。


So many things I want to do, so many things I need to do, so many things I must do, and so many things are in my head, but I am happy with it.  I feel like I am living life to the fullest. Keep on Going!

Really…!? Booked a print job…..

I booked a PRINT job. This was quite a surprise….I don’t remember when I got the last PRINT job…Yes!.. it was a long time ago.  Funny thing is that it was out of the blue, I got a call from wardrobe and asked me “Can I get your sizes?” and I said  “Well..I am not…

Acting Class

Improv class..I am using my brain so much! It is quite something. I will just keep on going!


Today, I had an audition. It didn’t go well. What was missing…?…right!..I could not nail the lines…well, I need study more. Let’s move on!  

Phone interview for BD Part 2

Today, I had my first experience for a phone interview for The Twilight Saga: BD-Part 2. It was quite a interesting experience to talk about the movie, experience on set,  and the character I played for 20 minutes over the phone.  It was  a interesting time and I loved it!  Thank you!!

Acting Class

Improv is great challenge for me, but I am enjoying it.  I know that this is my weak point, so I need to learn it. Free yourself and  focus on the moment and focus on your partner of your scene.  Observe, feel and speak….                        英語での即興は、日本人の自分にとってはチャレンジだが、やるしかない。状況判断、英語、演技。。。今の自分は英語がネイティブに話せない、アクセントがある、ボキャブラリーが少ない。だからといって、ステージで固く、小さくなる必要はない。ポイントはどうやって自分の最大公約数をだしていくかだ。スキルを磨くには学ぶしかないね。