I had an audition for an Indie film.  Let’s see how it goes…..Having good auditions lately.  Waiting for a result to come along…who knows..? Well..My job is to do my best.  Keep on going!  



Producers Session

It was really interesting moment.  There were 4 actors read for the same role.  Good thing was everybody speaks Japanese and a producer of the show speaks Japanese fluently. Yes! That was a good news. My session went well. It was so simple. I said “Hi” to director, producer, and casting director. I read once…

The Producers Session

Tomorrow, I will have the producers session. This is exciting, appreciative, and challenging. I love this feeling if you know what I mean!  I know I need to relax…. コールバック! 興奮と感謝と挑戦!思いっきり、しかし、力まずに…..


Today, I wanted to try something new and something different for my audition. And I did it. I felt something good! 今日のオーディションには『何か違ったアプローチ』というテーマがあった。そして、そのテーマにそってオーディションを受けた。割り切って挑戦したことにちょっとした心地よさ。やり続けていくしかないね。


A good long day! I am thinking over my day…. late afternoon, today, I got a call, a Good Call that was so exciting. I will work really hard for it! Life is not predictable, that’s why life is so interesting and mystic. The other side of life so scary….so what I can do..? be…

End of the day

Today is almost over. Tomorrow, my day will start with an acting class! Yes! 今日、一日がもう少しで終わる….明日は、朝から演技のクラス、頑張るぞ!


Today was a good day! I had a callback for commercial and an audition for TV drama.  Call time was about same time for the both auditions, but It worked out, whew…….Thank you!  A role of TV drama was a spokesperson and the scene was quite heavy.  This role is really interesting role to play….


Preparing for TV Drama audition.  Now, I am taking a break….and I will get back to work!  明日のオーディションの勉強中、今、ちょっと休憩中….今月最後のオーディション頑張るぞと。