A good audition, no callback….Well, let’s move on!  Next!


Acting Class

It was a tough class and it is good for me.  I did not like that I misunderstood what a  teacher was talking about…and it became conflict. But it was very a good medicine for me.  I have still a long way to go….Choice, specific choice!! I learned so much today.  Thank you to a teacher and friends in the class.  Thank you for great support!


あれから1年/1 Year / Thought

A year passed from earthquake and tsunami in Japan…Still there are unsolved problems….what can I do for that as a human being right now…?  …I prayed from my heart and I will pray for that every day….

あれから1年、いろいろな意味で深く考えさせられた1年だった。まだ、解決されていない問題がたくさんあるのが現実….ネットで映像を見るたびに心が痛む…今、自分が一人の人間として何が出来るのか? ….心から祈りを送った。これからも、毎日祈ろう。今を大切に生きよう。人間として成長しよう。そして近い未来の社会に貢献できる人間になろう。頭の中でいろいろな思いが駆け巡る….


I think the way of my life as an actor is really unique and interesting. I’ve been through quite tough road, but it doesn’t matter. It is about my passion. The passion that I cannot just let go. It is challenge. Challenge to over come my weakness. Challenge to open a new door. Challenge to become what I want to be and It is my dream.  It is not easy….that is good for me I think.  The only thing I can do is to do my best or more than best….