‘Uzumasa Limelight’ film premiere, Red Carpet, Los Angeles, 24 Nov 2014

Thank you very much, ELEVEN ARTS! for inviting me to the “Uzumasa Limelight” Premiere.  I enjoyed this movie very much!  Huge congrats for a director, Ken Ochiai! and huge congrats to lead actors, Seizo Fukumoto & Chihiro Yamamoto. Even though, it was their first time to play a leading role, I personally think, they did such a great job!  Please check this movie out everyone! It is a good movie! The message I got from this movie was so universal and It will touch your heart.

Now, Uzumasa Limelight is in consideration for the Golden Globes for Foreign Language Films! This movie is the only film from Japan.  I means something, right!?

10408543_10152441394530308_3872416353027874288_n"Uzumasa Limelight" Premiere

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