I had my first job of 2012 for a Print AD.  I was walking down the street with great crew in Santa Monica and the Photographer was taking great photos!  Ocean breeze, Blue sky…..great feeling! 2012年、初仕事!サンタモニカビーチでの撮影、海の風に青い空、あ〜とてもいい気分だったな〜。ヒゲも奇麗さっぱりに、シャキーン!心から感謝。又、明日から心を引き締めていこう! A photographer Alex and he is really great!

Really…!? Booked a print job…..

I booked a PRINT job. This was quite a surprise….I don’t remember when I got the last PRINT job…Yes!.. it was a long time ago.  Funny thing is that it was out of the blue, I got a call from wardrobe and asked me “Can I get your sizes?” and I said  “Well..I am not…

Business Trip

I am working hard in the train.  This was Verizon Print a while ago.